what we do...

At VIAKU we specialize as much in our clients as in the destinations.   Our Curated Travel Program is designed to create, plan and deliver a one of a kind travel experience that perfectly matches your unique travel style.  Think of it as the travel version of the perfect food and wine pairing.   While this level of service is not free of charge, it frees you from worrying about whether or not you will love your trip. 

curated travel program

Upon receiving your initial inquiry we offer an initial complementary consultation. This can be done in person, over the phone, What’s App or internet chat (Face Time / Skype). This is a “getting to know you” conversation where we can ask/answer questions about about the trip (destination, duration), travel style (inclusions, budget, pace) and how we can best work together to create your one-of-a-kind travel experience. The next step is the design and planning process.

The Curated Travel Program is a full, concierge service featuring personalized travel planning designed to delight you. Your program includes:

  • Detailed Planning Questionnaire

  • Personalized Travel Consultation and Destination Research

  • Customized Itinerary Development and Refinements

  • Travel Supplier Registration Services

  • Cruise Track Program - monitors price decreases

  • Travel Insurance Options

  • Printed Vacation Documents and Destination Information

  • Pocket Travel Consultant Mobile Phone Travel App

  • Emergency Travel Assistance

  • Subscription to the Travel Magazine (3x per year)

Customized travel planning from $300.00 per trip. Groups of 6 or more from $500.00.



Travel should inspire.  And YOU should be inspired to travel.  First - WHY do you want to travel?  What is the goal of your trip?  Travel is best done when you know WHY you are traveling and what you want to get out of it.  Relax. Have Fun.  Connect.  Re-connect.  Learn.  Experience.  Immerse.


Whether it's a milestone birthday, anniversary, marking a professional accomplishment or personal achievement, nothing celebrates an event and creates special memories like a vacation.  


 Traveling the world with your family is an invaluable experience that creates memories to last a lifetime. Viaku can make it extra special - a villa rental, private tour or a river cruise to relax, rejuvenate or just have fun!


Destinations may remain the same but how you choose to experience them will vary!  Biking, hiking, cruising, skiing, diving... Choose your own adventure!